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I'm new, aren't I? The shame.

2008-04-29 11:56:32 by SunshineMay

As you can probably tell, I'm new. In which case, I feel the need to greet you all semi-warmly (as I'm not too warm a person) and ask you how you're feeling. Of course, as I just stated, I feel the need to greet you - and ask you of your emotions at this current moment in time;; that doesn't mean I'm going to. Well welcome you, to my page - and welcome me, to this site - and whatever. I'm in a bad mood at the moment. No real reason I'm just really tired.

I'll tell you something, though. When I first came to this site - it was actually to play hentai games - but lets ignore that - and pretend that it was my second and third times - and times from thereon. The reason I found the need to get out there - or here, rather - and make dancey/technoey/trancey music, is dimrain47. Amazing. So goddamn amazing. I like collabs - and I like people singing for me. I'd link you to my myspace - but that would take effort.


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2008-04-29 12:02:43

welcome to newgrounds! don't let the other users intimidate you (as they can do), if you need any help, feel free to drop me a pm.

don't worry dude, a lot of us came to newgrounds first time because of hentai ;)

enjoy your stay